DemocracyU Video Project: Bringing the Voices of the Citizen Dialogues into a National Conversation


SHAPING OUR FUTURE: Dialogues on the Purposes of Higher Education

Shaping Our Future citizen dialogue on the purposes of higher education was launched at the National Press Club on September 4, 2012. The dialogues, organized by local groups and promoted by the American Commonwealth Partnership and the National Issues Forums, will take place in communities across America in 2012-13.  The DemocracyU Video Project brings the stories and experiences of the citizen dialogues into a national conversation through social media.

We invite you to participate!

Here are the details:

  • Each video is no more than 3 minutes
  • Use any recording device (cell phone, camcorder, cameras etc.)
  • Introduce yourself and make a short statement (e.g. “We have just had a Shaping Our Future Forum with citizens from Winona, Minnesota. I am interviewing Laura Lake.”)
  • For best quality, find a quiet area and hold the recording device close enough that your subject’s head nearly fills the frame, and her/his voice records clearly. Use the highest quality setting on your device.

Use these questions to guide the interview:

  1. Who are you (e.g. a student, community member, faculty, etc.)? Then ask at least one of these:
  2. Is there a story from the forum that shows the importance of this conversation?
  3. Is there a story that shows why it’s important to have the community involved?
  4. Is there a plan or a project that comes next?

Upload the video to your personal YouTube page.  Send the link to , plus share your video here: .

Include a one line to two line description of the video, including any relevant links to websites. The DemocracyU YouTube site will become a mosaic of voices in dialogue about the purposes of higher education.  The video collection will be promoted on social media and will complement and enlarge the Shaping Our Future dialogues.  For questions, please contact

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